Saturday, March 8, 2014

City of Rocks

 My home for the next two weeks at The City of Rocks

First impressions of the New Mexico state park pass is that this thing a purty darn good deal! Upon arrival I located my site. Notified the Ranger of my two week stay. Filled out the proper paperwork, and couldn't help but smile when I wrote the big $0 in the total amount due. A heckuva good deal considering the rest of American shell out a average of $800 a month on rent.

All campsites are located within walking distance to the vault toilets, and most are a short journey to the hot showers if your willing to wander through the labyrinth of gargantuan rocks. Verizon cell phone is three bars of 4g on the booster, and wanders from 3g to 4g without it. Heres a few more pics...

 Candy showing off her campsite

The City of Rocks was created 34.9 million years ago by a volcanic eruption. Then over millions of years, erosion sculpted the rock formation we see today. The eruption was from the Emory Caldera centered near Hillsboro Peak at the southern end of Black Range. The eruption was estimated to be a VEI 8.5 Eruption. All credit to wikipedia

Conical hole

The Mimbreno Indians settled in the are about 750 to 1250 AD. Pottery, arrowhead, and other artifacts show evidence of prehistoric Indians in the area. Indian well, or conical holes, are found in rocks where water would be allowed to collect. All credit to wikipedia

 Full- size pick-up in the distance

Here's a slideshow with some more pics of the area. Thanks for visiting! Good Day!


  1. One of my favorite NM state parks. Camping amongst the rocks is the only way to experience that unique place. Enjoy!

  2. Oh WOW! You hit the scenery lottery. Great decision.

  3. We loved camping there. We spent last Spring in NM and enjoyed many of their parks. The pass is indeed a great deal.

  4. Your NM adventure starts. What a great place - looks like a winner!

  5. Gonna take your advise and do this next summer, keep us well informed as to the good and bad... Also how are the rangers with the Candy running about, Zeke my pup as never ad a leash on for any amount of time and will never be on one full time... thanks for the pics, keep em coming

    Steve and Zeke da mountain dog...

  6. WOW! you hit the jack pot buying the pass. Looked it up the other day sounds like a great buy.. I am hoping to leave mid to end of April.
    Going to go to Madera to try out some new things and make sure all will work. Probably run into to you like you said in the middle of nowhere LOL

  7. THAT is so cool!!! We were just at the beach of North Carolina a few days ago and it was amazing. We bought a year pass for the Aquariums so hope to take this year and see them all. (many times it is similar to what you are doing) What a great way to support the state and see it too. LOVE the pictures, keep them coming. I like the paths and the big rock on the little rock, but I like them ALL!