Friday, November 29, 2013

Upgrades, and a Road-Runner

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Not only did I get to spend time with the entire family, and stuff my face with all the traditional Thanksgiving day fixings, but was also able to finish a long overdue project.

 Another solar panel, and 2 more batteries were part of my project. Now the Turtle boat a whopping 310 watts of power upon the roof, and 482 amp hours of storage. Certainly not enough power for your average house dweller. However it is more then enough to suit my daily needs. Maybe even add another gadget, or two? 

Upgraded battery bank. Not exactly up to code, but passed my inspection.

Meep Meep! Roadrunner video I managed to capture while staying at the Casino. Thanks for visiting! Good Day! 


  1. Wow - powerful upgrade! Sweet.

    Love the video. Looks like the Roadrunner was running the road.

    1. Its performing well. Always tough to capture pics of those elusive lil buggers

  2. Nice upgrade and cool road runner video. Meep Meep! :D
    Thanks for sharing.
    Peace, Duane

  3. Hi, I think I will take a ride out to the casino today or tomorrow to look you up and show you my new set up. Also need to ask some questions about battery stuff.

  4. Don't do it Jo! Not there right now still in green valley for the holidays will be back there by Tuesday for sure be glad to help

  5. hahaha I did do it. But like I said it's only about a mile or 2 no biggie now the weather is supposed to get ugly but I'll see about taking a ride out sometime this week.