Sunday, August 18, 2013


 New private property sign across the driveway

The locals had warned me when I started looking land in the area telling me you at least need need to put up signs on your property, or otherwise the local riff raff will gladly welcome themselves to your belongings. I scoffed at such an idea.

Now that I have returned, the truth quickly settled in. Almost all the items I had left there were gone, so now I put plenty of private property, and no trespassing signs to ward off such types. I believe part of the problem out here is there's so much vacated property that people tend to think items were just left behind unless otherwise informed, they figure its up for grabs.

On a better note my brother, and nephew came up from Tucson for a visit, they helped  spread the rest of the remaining cinders, and removed some large rocks that were being troublesome. Heres a few more pics....

 Brothers Rig
 Cinders spread
 Time for weed killer
Pulling out the big rocks. 
Candy sleeping in front of her new 24 inch industrial fan. Still hotter then average here with temps in the upper 80's, so shes dreaming of 9000ft. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hope the signs work. You may need to put a building of some kind out there. When I was up there I was checking out those nice little sheds along White Mountain Rd. Some have porches I really thing they could make a neat little cabin. Throw some insulation in that baby and you have a room or storage area.
    Waiting for my camper shell and I will be heading for Big Lake around mid Sept. Maybe we will meet up somewhere.

    Give Candy a hug from Fred.

    1. Yah Ive looked at those shed pretty nice little set-ups. Looking forward to seeing your new camper shell.

  2. Hello lovvie. - are you going to build a small cabin? Compost loo?

    1. No plans in the near future, but I will take contributions :)