Saturday, August 31, 2013

Staying Put

Exactly what Ill be doing for awhile. Candy's arthritis has been getting worse. Decided it was time to take some action, so for 8 weeks she will be receiving Adequan injections into her legs to hopefully ease the pain. through her golden years. In the past shes had a tree fall on her, 3 leg surgeries, been confronted by a Bobcat, and been bitten by Rattler, so a mere 8 injections will be a piece of cake.

Happy Labor Day! Labor Day weekend has always marked the end of summer, and this year for me as well. My summer exploring the mountains will come to an end. I will be staying on "The Mesa" (the name which I've giving to my property/homebase) until my descent into the valley this fall.

Candy 3 days after her Rattlesnake 2009 Craggy wash Lake Havasu City.

 Fellow Nomad, and friend visits the Mesa in his converted Snap on tool truck. Definitely a comfy apartment on wheels. Right down to the back patio. 
Of course these guys are still running amuck/amok on the Mesa. That should do it for now Ill report any excitement that happens out here, but to tell the truth there isn't much of that out here, which is a good thing. Thanks for visiting. Good Day!

Sunday, August 18, 2013


 New private property sign across the driveway

The locals had warned me when I started looking land in the area telling me you at least need need to put up signs on your property, or otherwise the local riff raff will gladly welcome themselves to your belongings. I scoffed at such an idea.

Now that I have returned, the truth quickly settled in. Almost all the items I had left there were gone, so now I put plenty of private property, and no trespassing signs to ward off such types. I believe part of the problem out here is there's so much vacated property that people tend to think items were just left behind unless otherwise informed, they figure its up for grabs.

On a better note my brother, and nephew came up from Tucson for a visit, they helped  spread the rest of the remaining cinders, and removed some large rocks that were being troublesome. Heres a few more pics....

Friday, August 2, 2013

Free camping Big Lake AZ

 Big Lake, AZ.  Located just southwest of Greer above 9000 ft. This area offers a ton dispersed camping. Just pick a fire road, and you'll be sure to find some descent spots. Weather still remains in the upper 60's to low 70's, with the monsoons typically coming thru once a day on average.

Interesting facts about the area in 2010 three convicts escaped from the kingman prison went on a short killing spree across several states, and were captured in the campground just across the street from where I am camped now, they were brought to the authorities attention for having a unattended campfire. I recall the event very well, because they were dropped off at a truckstop in Flagstaff, by a semi driver who they had hijacked, and it was just down the road from where I was camped. Heres more on the story.

Also in the area in 1975 there was a alleged Alien Abduction, which later turned into a movie, and a book. Here's more on that story here. About the only aliens I have witnessed out here is the fella pictured above. Over the years I've camped around several herds of cattle, but ill have to say these guy/gals get 5 stars for being the most entertaining. Here's a few more pics......