Saturday, January 26, 2013

Yuma proving ground

One of the largest military installations in the world covering around 837,000 acres just north of Yuma in the Sonoran desert. The site is used to test military equipment in the course of a year over 4,000 planes leave for combat missions, 36,000 parachutes are dropped, and 500,000 mortar and missiles are fired on the grounds. (Thank you wikipedia) Which explains
 the large booms that can be heard when camping around the area. Just be sure if you are camping in the area you know the proving ground's boundaries missiles and shrapnel are not you friend!

 Candy hiding from the booms.
 Entrance to the grounds
Maybe another source of  booms. Poor unsuspecting critters.
 Anti Aircraft gun trailer.


Beyond the proving grounds into California.
Imperial Dam from a distance
One of many canals leaving the dam. This one is the All American Canal, its been called the most dangerous body of water in the U.S. With waters rushing up to 30 miles per it has killed over 550 people from 1997 to 2010, most of them illegal immigrants. The Canal irrigates 640,000 acres of land that used to be one of the driest spots on earth, the canal eventually drains into the salton sea. Thanks for stopping by. Good Day!


  1. Poor Candy! What a sweet picture. Is it pretty loud?

    While we were off Ogilbe Road, aircraft buzzed us. We were amused.

    The strafing wasn't as funny.

    1. No its not that bad where I am at, but she seems to think its terrible.

  2. you on your way to the slabs??

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    Sticking it to the man!