Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day trip to Greer,AZ

Greer, Az filled with multi-million dollar homes and plenty of elegant vehicles whom I am sure were staring at my 1989 Dodge van with great envy. Its a great summer getaway for people wishing to escape the heat of the valley far below typically the temperatures here run 20 to 30 degrees cooler then the valley. Its elevation is about 8500ft and just a stones throw from the New Mexico Border. Althoug the cost to stay the night in such a local can cost in beyond $600 a night.Yet I managed to find a spot 7 miles down the road there was no traffic, dogs or noisy folk I stayed here for 10 days my bill was $0. Heres a few pictures of the area.

Below are two pictures near Greer where the wallow fire went through burning more then 538,000acres in AZ, 15000acres in NM and 22 homes in Greer. Wallow was Arizona's biggest wild fire in history with plumes of smoke that effected people for hundreds of miles and cost over $79Million to fight. All caused by a couple of geniuses who decided to leave there campfire unattended. They ended up receiving a measly 2 days in jail and 200 hours community service. 

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