Friday, September 28, 2012

6 weeks without walmart

 Lets just say that after spending 6 weeks bouncing around in tourist towns paying prices that would surely leave any budget minded person in tears I will surely embrace the first walmart that crosses my path its the one stop shop that caters to the frugal minded. WooooHooo there it was, the big blue beckoning wally world sign. In an hours time and $157 later I had everything I needed to last me 3-4 weeks. Now off to find a spot to call home for a few days....... I had heard other travelers reference a spot in the area. So with a quick search on google maps within seconds I had found its location.  Upon arrival I was surprised to get a spot right on the lake complete with picnic tables, fire pits, and toilets. Best of all was the cost to stay here for the night was $0 made me wonder if those folks I had passed about 2 miles back paying $18 a night and camping next to a highway knew of such a spot? Oh well :) Heres a few pics!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day trip to Greer,AZ

Greer, Az filled with multi-million dollar homes and plenty of elegant vehicles whom I am sure were staring at my 1989 Dodge van with great envy. Its a great summer getaway for people wishing to escape the heat of the valley far below typically the temperatures here run 20 to 30 degrees cooler then the valley. Its elevation is about 8500ft and just a stones throw from the New Mexico Border. Althoug the cost to stay the night in such a local can cost in beyond $600 a night.Yet I managed to find a spot 7 miles down the road there was no traffic, dogs or noisy folk I stayed here for 10 days my bill was $0. Heres a few pictures of the area.

A Trip to Wonderland

Mushrooms, Mushrooms, Mushrooms! People drive from all over the state to track down certain types of fungi they begin to pop there heads up in late august after the monsoon season has been in play for awhile. Some edible, some poisonous, and some make you see things. I did not partake in any consumption. Due to the fact that I am no mushroom expert, and some off these can very easily land you a trip to the hospital.

Monday, September 24, 2012

White Mountains

Having a heat wave near flagstaff in northern Az which is rare for these parts the temperatures began to reach the mid 90's mainly because the monsoon season was running late 90s are far to hot for me and way to hot for Candy. So I called a boondocker who stays up in eastern Arizona around 9700' at which point I was informed it was beautiful up there :) so with a turn the key I was gone 200 miles later I had reached
my destination. Opening the door and stepping out into this beautiful country one song kept entering my head  the theme song for Grizzly Adams:) During the next six weeks I called the white mountains of Az home exploring several lakes and springs, with a temperature which rarely exceeded 65 degrees while the rest of the country being in one of the hottest summer on record I couldn't help but think....... is this Arizona?