Sunday, May 14, 2017

Bad Blogger

120 gallon Propane tank being delivered kept the container livable over the winter, and vost about $450 for the season.

Im alive and in good health, and should get a F for keeping everyone up to date, so I do apologize.  The truth of the matter is I pretty much hibernated for the winter, and my nest egg got depleted a little bit, so went into survival mode just paying for the basics. 

The good news is winter is well over, and starting tomorrow I have once again become gainfully employed. Well part time at least don't wanna rush back into the work force to fast. So hopefully I can get going on some more long anticipated projects, and keep you all up to date!

 Direct vent furnace. Uses a lot more propane, but doesnt burn the oxygen on the inside of the container which is rather important in a tight space!
 30000 btu furnace
 Lesson learned burned barrels will ignite until the paint is burnt off
 Ginger is good too! She has even found herself a boyfriend down the road who comes up for the occasional visit
Still a rabbit chasing maniac.

So all has been well in the container home kept me warm and dry over the winter, well mostly dry there is a bit of a condensation issue, which is at the top of the list of my projects.

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Good Day!