Saturday, September 21, 2013

Nomadic Beginning's

Several weeks of sitting on "The Mesa" being surrounded by private property was starting to give me the willies. Decided it was time for a change of scenery. After pondering upon my current options, which needed to be within a reasonable distance of the vet, so that Candy could still be able to receive her shots. There was only one location that had beckoned to me.

The picture above surely doesn't appear to significant, but it carries much sentimental value. It is the very spot where my nomadic adventure begin over 3 years ago I had discovered this spot while turning around to go back to a pay campground that I'd passed, because I was still being very weary of the whole concept that a person could camp in the forest for free. Figured it was time to take a stab at it, and I was hooked!

Not only was this the spot I discovered that one could live rent free, it was also where I reached a major crossroads, when I knew the decision to live a simple life was the right one. Lets face it resigning from a job of 16 years, and getting rid of everything you own, to move into a van, and live in the forest. Will certainly make any fair minded being question there own judgement.

Freedom is what I found that day, and still find daily. No longer being tied to mortgage, or hefty car payment not to mention all the other bills associated with my previous lifestyle. Now. If money ever becomes a issue a simple part-time job will suffice, no more 50 hour weeks just to make ends meet. So if any of you readers are considering taking the plunge into a nomadic lifestyle I say go for it! I didn't do it tell m mid 30's, and regret not doing it sooner, but enough about my freedom speech. Here's a few more pics of the area.